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The Fated and the Lost

The Fated and the Lost campaign takes place in the Inner Sea region of the Golarion campaign settings. It began in the woods near the capitol of Taldor and has continued to the devilish empire of Cheliax and beyond to the kingdoms of Geb and Nex who are locked in an uneasy Armistace


Sir Andrew Duvall
Iris Greythorn
Talus Bitterforge
The Vicar of Fate
Uri Vanko

Destruction of an evil artifact

The current plot-line revolves around finding the Bloodstones of Arazni.

The party currently on a mission to destroy the armor of a GraveKnight in the blast furnaces of the Alkenstar Gunworks.

The paths of fate
The party is still working on several things
Finding the Bloodstones of Arazni so that they can be used to end her undeath.
Taking revenge for whatever was done to Uri’s clan

Main Page

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