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  • House Bayle

    A minor noble house (growing in influence) in the Chelian capital of Westcrown. House Bayle supports the major House Oberigo. The house is lead by Baron [[:lord-garret-bayle | Garret Bayle]] a powerful and overbearing man with a thirst for power. House …

  • House Phandros

    A major noble house, Is one of the few houses that opposed house Thrune in the Cheliaxan civil war. They are supported by [[House Avinsur | Avinsur]] (now defunct), [[House Cyros | Cyros]], and D'arcos.

  • House Cyros

    Minor noble house known for its wizards in transmutation (best builders anywhere). They support [[House Phandros | House Phandros]] against Thrune.

  • House D'arcos

    Minor house with many priests of Aroden. Slow to give up the faith. Thrune does not crack down on them because they are a favorite of the people and their power died with Aroden. They support house [[House Phandros | Phandros]].

  • Gideon Reuter

    Gideon runs a small but well stocked shop in the Chelean city of Westcrown. If there is something you need or need to know he can find it for you... for a price. Wears fine clothes with often clashing and contradictory patterns.

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