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  • House Bayle

    A minor noble house (growing in influence) in the Chelian capital of Westcrown. House Bayle supports the major House Oberigo. The house is lead by Baron [[:lord-garret-bayle | Garret Bayle]] a powerful and overbearing man with a thirst for power. House …

  • House Phandros

    A major noble house, Is one of the few houses that opposed house Thrune in the Cheliaxan civil war. They are supported by [[House Avinsur | Avinsur]] (now defunct), [[House Cyros | Cyros]], and D'arcos.

  • House Cyros

    Minor noble house known for its wizards in transmutation (best builders anywhere). They support [[House Phandros | House Phandros]] against Thrune.

  • House D'arcos

    Minor house with many priests of Aroden. Slow to give up the faith. Thrune does not crack down on them because they are a favorite of the people and their power died with Aroden. They support house [[House Phandros | Phandros]].

  • Gideon Reuter

    A mature Human with desert tanned skin and short white hair. Gideon used to run a small but well stocked shop in the Chelean city of Westcrown. He had to flee under mysterious circumstances at about the same time the PCs were leaving the city. Now he …

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