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  • Uri Vanko

    Uri suffes from incomplete amnesia. His few memories from before he was found by the party are fragmented and confusing. He knows that something bad has happened to his clan of mystical spies and assassins, but the details are all a mystery to him.

  • The Vicar of Fate

    The Vicar of fate was once a prince with a grand destiny all his own. He twice spurned this destiny and for it was twice cursed. Now he wanders the land at the whims of the winds of fate.

  • Sir Andrew Duvall

    Around 100 years before the events of the current campaign, Andrew Duvall was assigned to a team looking for the bloodstones of Arazni. The Knights of Ozum had one in their possession at that time. He was in Katapesh looking for information on another …

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