The Fated and the Lost

Cheliax to Absalom

As the party are planning their departure from Westcrown, a messenger arrives with an invitation for Sir Andrew Duval to meet with his great grandnephew Inquisitor Deric Duval at the Duval residence in the city.

Cheliax Session 5
Infiltration of Bayle Palace in Westcrown

While Iris Greythorn was having her regular gossip/fashion session with Maurice, Gregoire Bayle came in with bodyguard and politely demanded an audience. He confirmed the internal power struggle in House Bayle and asked for her to meet him at his country villa.
Meanwhile, Sir Andrew was performing research, the Vicar was consulting the signs, and Yuri was getting samples of Dwarven Uberwein for use in bluffing their way into Bayle Palace.

The meeting at the Villa resulted in a contract signed between the party and Gregiore Bayle to find proof of maleficence (or at least the wrong kind of maleficence) on the part of Garret Bayle. If the party can find proof, they will receive ex post facto permission for their trespassing. Gregoire could not help with many details because he has not had free run of the palace since he was a child and his father’s death lead to the usurpation of his position by Garret.

Disguised as merchants of Exotic Adult Beverages, the party managed to get their way into the cellars of the Palace, and started snooping around. Iris used the Knock spell to unlock the fifth closet in the hallway leading to the discovery of the ritual tools for demon summoning.
With this small amount of proof but nothing definitively pointing to wrongdoing by Garret. The party continued through the ruined church of Aroden, past the devil summoning circle and down a staircase that was hidden by an altar in ages past. In the catacombs beneath the church, they were attacked by the skeletons of the clergy that were awakened by a detect spell cast by Sir Andrew. The skeletons were put to rest just as quickly as Sir Andrew rendered them to dust with the power of Iomedae.
At the end of the hallway with the burial niches, there was an iron door. Another Knock spell and it swung open to reveal the smell of dry rot and a pitch-dark cavern.

Cheliax Session 4
The Party

Having infiltrated the party at house Bayle, the heroes go looking for the contraband books.

The Vicar cast a divination asking how to stop house Bayle
Cut off the head and a new one will grow
Better the Devil you wan than the Demon you know.

Cheliax session 3: The Party

The parties abandon their attempt to enter the Bayle palace and plan instead to enter during a party that will be held two days later. They spend the days looking into the legality of secret construction (legal enough) and investigating the other noble houses rival with house Bayle.

  • The Vicar of Fate is contracted as entertainment to tell the fortunes of the guests.
  • Talus Bitterforge enters the party by being smuggled into the pantry in a beer barrel. Once out, he is given a Hat of Disguise by Uri so he can impersonate a human server.
  • Uri Vanko gets in disguised as a delivery-boy for the butcher-shop. He then swipes some servant’s clothes.
  • Iris enters as the guest/date of Lord Fontaine.
  • Sir Andrew enters as the bodyguard of “Lady” Iris Greythorn
Cheliax Session 2
Ambush and Confusion

Yuri and Sir Andrew are captured and interrogated by the Devil Skin Clan who eventually realize that Yuri does not have any memory of what happened to him and they fill him in on some of the details.
*Yuri’s clan is from Nex
*Yuri came seeking help with a revenge plan
*Yuri left with two DSC members on a ship headed to Nex via Taldor. Lady Ariana Bayle was on the ship and continued to Nex after her near encounter with the party.

Iris Greythorn made a contact with a Dressmaker named Maurice
Talus Bitterforge made contact with the underground Pathfinders via Gideon’s Sundry supplies.

Arrival in Cheliax

The Party arrives in Cheliax and arranges for rooms in the former scribe quarter near the ruins of the abandoned northern city

To Cheliax

The Party leaves Taldor on two missions.

  1. They will persuade house Bayle to quit their vendetta against the refugee Avinsur family
  2. Talus is on a mission from the Pathfinder Society to retrieve an older less-revised version of official Chelian history.

Their voyage is mostly uninterrupted. They are attacked by elementals once and arrive in Westcrown in Cheliax safely.


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