The Fated and the Lost

Cheliax session 3: The Party

The parties abandon their attempt to enter the Bayle palace and plan instead to enter during a party that will be held two days later. They spend the days looking into the legality of secret construction (legal enough) and investigating the other noble houses rival with house Bayle.

  • The Vicar of Fate is contracted as entertainment to tell the fortunes of the guests.
  • Talus Bitterforge enters the party by being smuggled into the pantry in a beer barrel. Once out, he is given a Hat of Disguise by Uri so he can impersonate a human server.
  • Uri Vanko gets in disguised as a delivery-boy for the butcher-shop. He then swipes some servant’s clothes.
  • Iris enters as the guest/date of Lord Fontaine.
  • Sir Andrew enters as the bodyguard of “Lady” Iris Greythorn


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