The Fated and the Lost

Cheliax Session 2

Ambush and Confusion

Yuri and Sir Andrew are captured and interrogated by the Devil Skin Clan who eventually realize that Yuri does not have any memory of what happened to him and they fill him in on some of the details.
*Yuri’s clan is from Nex
*Yuri came seeking help with a revenge plan
*Yuri left with two DSC members on a ship headed to Nex via Taldor. Lady Ariana Bayle was on the ship and continued to Nex after her near encounter with the party.

Iris Greythorn made a contact with a Dressmaker named Maurice
Talus Bitterforge made contact with the underground Pathfinders via Gideon’s Sundry supplies.


MakerMead MakerMead

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