The Fated and the Lost

Leaving Quantium

The break-in of Tasha Silvervein‘s rented home in Quantium had reached an impasse as a mouth formed out of the wood of one of the upstairs walls. It spoke in a thick masculine tone and chided sir Andrew for his housebreaking activities. The mouth and sir Andrew quickly came to a truce and Tasha revealed the door to the last unexplored upstairs room. The mouth disappeared and the door appeared from a different wall. Tasha invited sir Andrew to sit and discuss terms. They party came to an agreement to bring Tasha along on their voyage in exchange for the gift of two bags of red ore that she currently had on hand and the promise of Tallus Bitterforge’s backstory.

When Tasha laid eyes on the Vicar for the first time, she was stunned and frightened, gasping “the Man in Rags.” after she regained her composure, she informed him that she had a letter for him. She gave him a sealed letter.

As the sun came up. The party toted the recovered ore to the Endruing Rhythm and were later joined by Tasha.

A few days into the trip, a bikini-clad Tasha enlisted Tallus in the task of applying tanning lotion to her hard-to-reach parts which pushed Suzie into a frenzy of “percussive maintenance.”

After 5 days of clear and uneventful travel up-river, The enduring rhythm shuddered and slowed in the river, turning slightly to starboard and the party rushed to see what had happened. Tallus noticed an amorphous shape in the water with eyes and mouths seemingly at random along its body, and quickly recognized it as a gibbering mouther, a kind of monster that most of the party had faced once before in the Darklands.

At the same time that four gibbering mouthers were climbing their way up onto the ship, the party also spotted a man in black robes with gold trim and an Osiron style headdress flying above the ship.

As the party hacked and beat the mouthers into flaccid piles of ground meat, eyes, and teeth, the man in black and gold landed on the ship. He had enough time to get one chaotic divine spell off before the combined firepower of Isoquant, Iris, and Tallus drove him off. Thanks to his Fly spell, he was able to barely escape with his life. Uri managed to get a good look at the symbol that he wore on his chest of a broken spiral, which Tallus was able to identify using his extensive knowledge of ancient esoterica. This man was a priest of the Outer God Yog-Sothoth, who is either the god of the Dark Tapestry or is the Dark Tapestry itself. This being presides over Chaos, Darkness, Knowledge, Travel, and the Void.

During the battle, Iris unleashed a lightning bolt that finished off two of the Mouthers but had the unfortunate collateral damage of disabling the two prow cannons and completely obliterating the workshop that existed under the prow shield. Captain Suzie Darksteel’s reaction to this destruction is yet to play out. Tasha Silvervein was hurt during the conflict but was swiftly healed by sir Andrew. Two of the dwarven crew-members were killed. The reason for the attack has not yet been definitively determined.

Housebreaking in Quantium
Attempted recovery of the stolen Red Ore

The Investigation
The Party spent no small amount of time gathering information about Tasha Silvervien. They found out that in addition to running heists, she is an artist. Some of her associates were discovered including: Marcus the blue – a gold and silversmith, Jo Harmak – engraver and enameller, and Jeska Kovalskaya – A sculptor. they also find out that there are always buyers for Red Ore in the Smoky Quarter of the city (where most manufacturing takes place) especially by Lor’rin’Rath Kandroxis, a fire gensi Shaper who is building new golems.
The party found the location of Jeska’s workshop and snuck in by charming the land-lady and picking the lock to her basement-level workshop/home. After a brief exchange of blows, the encounter ends without any fatalities, and Jeska is threatened and told to stay put.
After the fiasco at Jeska’s place, the party decided to try the direct approach and infiltrate Tasha’s townhome directly. They met up in the Green in front of her townhome to prepare. Shortly into their preparations, they noticed Jeska coming down the lane despite their warnings. Yuri rushes to catch her and despite the fireball (from a necklace of fireballs) that she throws at him, he manages to knock her out. They hide her safely in an empty horse stable, and bluff the guards that show up to investigate.

They split up into two teams to enter the house from both the front and back entrances, and quickly clear the ground floor. While investigating the second floor a cloud of deadly gas appears and nearly kills Isoquant (but does knock him into an unresponsive sleep.) With the source of the cloud obviously upstairs, Yuri runs down to the basement servants quarters to warn the staff to stay out of the confrontation, while Sir Andrew with his anti-invisibility power slowly checks the last few upstairs rooms. The cloud forces Iris, Talus, the Vicar, and Isoquant’s limp body to retreat outside while it dissipates.

That leaves us…
Now, the cloud is gone, There is only one more room to check, but no sign of a door to get into it. The windows to that room are laid over with illusions, and the Vicar’s attempt to Scry into the room met with very limited success. The party is regrouping and preparing for a final confrontation and satisfaction for their stolen ore.

Trouble in Quantium
A delivery of Red Ore goes wrong and half of the cargo is lost

We resumed our story at the foot of the gangplank to Suzie’s Steam Paddle Boat. The party asks where and from whom they will pick up the two tons of Red Ore and Suzie dispatches “Skinny” to go with them. He introduces himself as Kennik and leads them on into the city.
Once at the Taurus Combine warehouse in by the docks, the party is introduced to Tawny Ixpathian who runs the warehouse. Kennik leaves them at this point and does not explain where he is going. Tawny shows them the wagons that they will be guarding and introduces them to Old Sheb and young Alexander who will be driving for them.
After everything is loaded, the party heads out into the city. They make good progress until they are confronted by a flock of blue sheep. The carts stop due to all the noisy sheep flowing around and Iris goes to confront the shepherd. He ignores her protests, and is unaffected by her touch. She blasts him with a magic missile. The other members of the party (especially Talus) notice that the sheep are not really there. The Shepherd steps back and disappears, but before he can get away, Iris roasts the area with a burning hands. She hears a meaty thump and the Sheppard’s staff rattles to the ground. The Vicar uses “Detect Thoughts” but does not detect anything amiss. The sheep puff out of existence in little blue clouds leaving the party and the wagons alone on the street. After checking their wares, the party continues, almost immediately running over the unconscious, dying and still invisible Shepheard. This finishes the job.
By the time they are almost at the north gate of Quantium, the party notices that the wagon load seems low, they call a halt and determine that almost half of the ore is gone. Talus and Sir Andrew think of throwing dust over the ore as a way of highlighting anyone who is invisible and they both succeed. The invisible bandits bolt and the party tries unsuccessfully to stop them. At some point, they pass by a park where they notice that a blonde female elf is watching them with interest.
Once outside the city with their remaining cargo, the party is beset by three humans and an orc that demand a fee to be allowed to pass on the road, the party tears them apart with a quickness. They loot the would-be bandits, notice that a well-groomed rat is watching them intently, and move on.
Once at Suzie’s ship, they deliver the remaining 1 ton of ore and are told that their passage aboard the paddle boat is contingent on the return of the other half. They head back into town to find their burglars.
Iris gathers much info, Sir Andrew charms the guards, and Uri follows a suspicious lead after a failed gather info check.
They determine that the shepherd was a human male bard named Dimitry Petrovich who played at several taverns in town. He often worked with other bards and sometimes worked as a con-artist in heists with unscrupulous characters, but was not a member of a regular crew. The previous night, Dimitry was seen speaking with a Female Gnome named Tasha Silvervein who wears a lot of orange clothing and gold and crystal jewelry. She has been in town for a short period of time and is outfitting a residence in the city. The party found Vasilly Maximov who is a furniture seller who has done work for Tasha Silvervein. Talus tries to sift the furniature makers notes for the address unsuccessfully. Iris commissions a cushion for her, and has it delivered to the residence. Uri follows the deliverer and so finds the residence.
The party ends the session standing in the green across from Tanya Silvervein’s residence considering their next course of action.
Aside from that the party found out that there is a very scary man named Boris Grigovich who knows everything there is to know about the underground heist business.

From Katapesh to Nex
Success in Katapesh and a mission in Quantium

Success in Katapesh
The party were on a mission to warn an abolitionist agent that he had been discovered. The abolitionist was named Heraxis and was under cover as a bodyguard to ambassador Naylaargut from Nex. The party tracked the ambassador to a Pesh Palace where they infiltrated but were unable to make contact and ex-filtrated. The party tried a different tactic and consulted the Vicar to find out where Heraxis would be. He was prophesied to be “Under the Sun, above the rune Tesh, Beside the fountain of all colors” The fountain was determined to be a magical fountain in the courtyard of the Nexian embassy. The party heads to the embassy and under the ruse of getting visas and bluffed their way further inside where Iris fake tripped into Heraxis and successfully warned him. The party then booked passage to Quantium in Nex. The boat ride was uneventful except for spotting a few Djinn and Effrits flying by and later an airship overhead.

Arrival in Quantium
Once they arrived in Quantium the party got rooms at a fashionable inn called the Wondrous Potion. Tallus asked after ships going upriver to the Gunworks in the Mana Wastes and was directed to a ship outside of the normal docks in a makeshift second dock outside the north gate. Tallus found a steam powered paddleboat and was greeted by a halfling called skinny and introduced to the captain of the paddleboat who turned out to be the infamous Suzie after which Tallus named his gun. After some witty banter, Tallus secured passage the next time Suzie set up the river in a ‘few’ days. Iris and Isoquant bought some spells in the interim and two days later they checked in with Suzie who needed one more day to load cargo. She asked the party to facilitate the delivery of 4 tons of “red ore.”

Cheliax to Absalom

As the party are planning their departure from Westcrown, a messenger arrives with an invitation for Sir Andrew Duval to meet with his great grandnephew Inquisitor Deric Duval at the Duval residence in the city.

Cheliax Session 5
Infiltration of Bayle Palace in Westcrown

While Iris Greythorn was having her regular gossip/fashion session with Maurice, Gregoire Bayle came in with bodyguard and politely demanded an audience. He confirmed the internal power struggle in House Bayle and asked for her to meet him at his country villa.
Meanwhile, Sir Andrew was performing research, the Vicar was consulting the signs, and Yuri was getting samples of Dwarven Uberwein for use in bluffing their way into Bayle Palace.

The meeting at the Villa resulted in a contract signed between the party and Gregiore Bayle to find proof of maleficence (or at least the wrong kind of maleficence) on the part of Garret Bayle. If the party can find proof, they will receive ex post facto permission for their trespassing. Gregoire could not help with many details because he has not had free run of the palace since he was a child and his father’s death lead to the usurpation of his position by Garret.

Disguised as merchants of Exotic Adult Beverages, the party managed to get their way into the cellars of the Palace, and started snooping around. Iris used the Knock spell to unlock the fifth closet in the hallway leading to the discovery of the ritual tools for demon summoning.
With this small amount of proof but nothing definitively pointing to wrongdoing by Garret. The party continued through the ruined church of Aroden, past the devil summoning circle and down a staircase that was hidden by an altar in ages past. In the catacombs beneath the church, they were attacked by the skeletons of the clergy that were awakened by a detect spell cast by Sir Andrew. The skeletons were put to rest just as quickly as Sir Andrew rendered them to dust with the power of Iomedae.
At the end of the hallway with the burial niches, there was an iron door. Another Knock spell and it swung open to reveal the smell of dry rot and a pitch-dark cavern.

Cheliax Session 4
The Party

Having infiltrated the party at house Bayle, the heroes go looking for the contraband books.

The Vicar cast a divination asking how to stop house Bayle
Cut off the head and a new one will grow
Better the Devil you wan than the Demon you know.

Cheliax session 3: The Party

The parties abandon their attempt to enter the Bayle palace and plan instead to enter during a party that will be held two days later. They spend the days looking into the legality of secret construction (legal enough) and investigating the other noble houses rival with house Bayle.

  • The Vicar of Fate is contracted as entertainment to tell the fortunes of the guests.
  • Talus Bitterforge enters the party by being smuggled into the pantry in a beer barrel. Once out, he is given a Hat of Disguise by Uri so he can impersonate a human server.
  • Uri Vanko gets in disguised as a delivery-boy for the butcher-shop. He then swipes some servant’s clothes.
  • Iris enters as the guest/date of Lord Fontaine.
  • Sir Andrew enters as the bodyguard of “Lady” Iris Greythorn
Cheliax Session 2
Ambush and Confusion

Yuri and Sir Andrew are captured and interrogated by the Devil Skin Clan who eventually realize that Yuri does not have any memory of what happened to him and they fill him in on some of the details.
*Yuri’s clan is from Nex
*Yuri came seeking help with a revenge plan
*Yuri left with two DSC members on a ship headed to Nex via Taldor. Lady Ariana Bayle was on the ship and continued to Nex after her near encounter with the party.

Iris Greythorn made a contact with a Dressmaker named Maurice
Talus Bitterforge made contact with the underground Pathfinders via Gideon’s Sundry supplies.

Arrival in Cheliax

The Party arrives in Cheliax and arranges for rooms in the former scribe quarter near the ruins of the abandoned northern city


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